Friday, July 19, 2019

286 days

Ah just 286 days till retirement. Or is it? Continue to struggle with the entire thing because, 1, not sure I have enough cash saved to do what I want, 2, not really sure what I want, 3 not sure what my wife wants, 4 work is sucking the life out of me and mostly all I can do these days is to try and survive till I can make the decision. I put my motorcycle up for sale, a sweet BMW 1200GSA that I foolishly thought I would take to south America next year but find I am not really comfortable riding that big bike, so its going. Also put up my 40 foot Foretravel RV for sale as well cause I really don't want to be driving it myself and with my wife 6 years out before she can retire, and she seems to think she will live a long time, and she likes her job, it's a dilemma.

Since I have not much energy to do much, I dream. Sailboat in the Greek Isles, or the Sea of Cortez? Or perhaps 3 years of refitting a old boat in Mexico or Rio Dulce? Or just take the RV to Mexico and call it done. Come up to see my wife every once in a while and have her come see me every once in a while... might be good for the marriage. Not sure at this point, but this I know, when  its time, I WILL  know, and WILL make a decision, even if its the wrong one, cause to do otherwise is to be paralyzed, and that I can not do. 
Now how many days is that again, and what is that in working days.... how about weekends........

Monday, December 11, 2017

Just thinking....

Well around 880 days till retirement... if I can last that long. Read a great book this week, How not to buy a cruising sailboat by Deb and TJ Akey located HERE on their website the retirement project. Great book by 2 great people. I got in for free via amazon kindle but would gladly have paid for it. Its short and sweet but to the point. A lot of useful information in it.
I am in the phase of overthinking what kind of boat my next one should be. I thought I was convinced a Morgan 383 would be a great compromise between cost and usability, but am now rethinking it a bit. New youtube vlog by a couple sv bora bora that sail a Victory 40 which is a Trintilla lV hull but outfitted by a company in the UK. Made in the '70's of FRP, its a center cockpit ketch rigged boat. Now, usually I would turn my nose up to such a beast but I can see a lot I like about this type of boat. The master cabin in the stern is very large, with great light all around and a large berth, plus a head, down 3 stairs. Forward is a salon and nav station and a very small galley on the starboard side, forward another head and shower and a vberth and storage. The cockpit is deep and well protected with a permanent dodger and windscreen. Large aft deck. I really like the cockpit and can see a lot of good in it. Plus it splits the boat into 2 areas, which can be great when the boat is a little to small for 2. Each can have a place to go and have some quiet time. She won't make 200 mile days, but so what. Won't sail to weather well either  but again, so what? Large tankage and a diesel will get you that. Over 1000 mile range under power is pretty sweet. And having a ketch rig gives lots of options in the sail plan. Should do 150 miles per day.
Not to many of them around, and very few in the US. Would have to go overseas most likely to find one.Might be a good thing though.
The hardest part is seeing something that will work now, but knowing I have to wait a while longer. I have all these plans,  but not time now. Soon I will have the time and the money, and then it will get real.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

May 30th 2017
Well after Sarah Clair sunk in the marina due to electrolysis on a foreward head thru hull, I gave up the dream. No more sailboats for me! Maybe a RV or a bike tour thru Europe ! But time heals all wounds, and now several years later my mind is going back to the dream. But this time a little different. The boat will probably be a Morgan 383/384 and the time to purchase is in 2020. I retire May 2020 and my youngest son graduates that month as well. The first summer will be a cruise to Maine and then back to Texas for a full refit. Then we will see. Plans are being made, lists wrote. Blogs read. Ideas are forming. But in the meantime work and family life takes up to much time and energy.
Less than 3 years to go!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Have had zero time lately to go aboard and do anything. Still so much to do, but then so much has been accomplished. Engine totally rebuilt, new fuel tank. New water tank. New hot water heater. All new hose. New alternator, with smart regulator. All new AGM batteries. New duocharge to charge both banks. New 3000 watt Victron inverter with a 120 amp charger. New 50 amp shore power. New 12000 and 10000 BTU marine air conditioners. New sound insulation in engine room. All new fuel hose. All new 4/0 battery wiring. New DC wiring, new Blue Sea Systems 360 Breakers. New inverter control. New AC BSS breakers. BSS VMS that monitors amps, volts, fluid levels, bilge pump cycles... ect. New bilge pump. New exhaust hose. New bilge hose. 2 new toilets. 1 is a electric macerating elegance by raritan and the other is a PH2 manual head to a new 30 gal holding tank. New purasan waste treatment system. Every singe thru head replaced with forespar marelon seacocks. New cutlass bearing.Bottom job.  Wow! I sure did a lot. So much more to do.
Lots of painting to do. New bimini and dodger. finish varnishing the interior. New cushions on all surfaces. Finish the ac wiring. Finish the d/c wire. Install fuel polishing system.
Then replace all running rigging. New sail cover. New jib protective cover. Paint deck. One day replace the ports.
When looked at this way, seems like I am more finished than I thought given all the time work money and energy spent. Main cabin sole is finally installed. Its looking better and better each day. Just wish I had more time to do it.